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Our Fall Visit to Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Our Fall Visit to Blue Hill at Stone Barns
Tarrytown, NY, Among our favorite trips out of the city is the brief scenic drive up the Palisades Park Way over the Tappan Zee Bridge, through Sleepy Hollow, to the wonderful place that is Blue Hill at Stone Barns.   Perhaps it brings me back to a simpler time while growing up in Vermont next to a similar farm (Shelburne Farms).    Know for its famous chef and award [...]

Ella! Our daughter Arrives!Ella

A few days ago our lives changed for ever and another life, our daughter Ella, entered the world.  I will be forever grateful to Chrystal (my wife) whom has already done so much these past 9 months and has been am amazing mother to Ella already.  This quote by Elizabeth Stone sums up our feeling: "Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous.  It is to dec[...]

Chrystal – Our growing family

Chrystal - Our growing family
If you're married to a photographer, you can get camera shy and a little overwhelmed when your camera welding husband constantly aims his lens at you in every condition and place.  Let's just say we've had some strong discussions over too many pictures, I tend to get engrossed where there is great light and beautiful locations.  But recently Chrystal's inhibition to b[...]

We’ve been adopted!

We've been adopted!
  What started off as a bike ride on a beautiful October Sunday along the Hudson river turned out to be a life changing event.   Chrystal (my wife) grew up with animals, sharing her life with her dad’s hunting dogs in rural North Carolina along with some very special house dogs as well, none more beloved than Buffy.  Buffy was Chrystal’s Shih Tzu-Lhasa Aps[...]

Snow Day

Snow Day
Just up the hill from where I live over looking the mid-town skyline lies Steven's College.  With the combination of snowfall, bright blue sky and rosy check smiling children with sleds; Steven's hill came alive.  It reminded me very much of my own childhood growing up in Vermont, where weekly snowfalls this time of year were a normal occurrence. The panoramic is a[...]

Going Local

Going Local
One of the benefits of my chosen profession as a wedding photographer is a flexible schedule during the week that allows me to indulge in the wonderful greenmarkets here in New York City.  I'm often up with the chefs, first to the market, to ensure I get the best selection.  Union Square is my personal favorite and I've grown to love my morning visits to speak with th[...]

Nonnie’s Pecan Pie

Nonnie's Pecan Pie
  If this is the first time to my blog and you are scrolling through past posts or you have been following my blog for a while you may be wondering if this blog is about food or wedding photography. I love both! Ultimately what my blog is about are stories, family stories to be specific. Families often start with marriage and the rich traditions celebrated[...]

Meet Thierry Henry and some of my neighbor Red Bulls

Meet Thierry Henry and some of my neighbor Red Bulls
I recently had the opportunity to follow the New York Red Bulls around, check out the stadium and rub elbows with some of the players on media day.  I was surprised to find out that several live just a few doors down from me, including Tim Ream, a defender who also plays for the US national team.   The quality of the Major League Soccer continues to rise, which is evi[...]

Ramps – “Green onions with a dash of funky feet”

Ramps -
If you have never had ramps it may be easier to describe what they don't taste like then how they do:   savory like garlic but without the spicy bite, springiness of a green onion (scallion) but much more pungent in taste and onion-y like a leek but not bitter.  Smelling ramps in the air of my home right now I think food writer Jane Snow got it right, "like fried [...]